About Us

CQRapps specializes in computer security and providing premium antivirus software. Our professionals staff provides the knowledge base to assist you in you security needs. We ensures to bring you the most up to date security solutions available while providing competitive pricing..

Cqrapps is working smarter, so you can work better, whatever you do, we are here to protect your digital life. There have never been so many cyber threats as today. And malware is now smarter and more sophisticated than ever.

The fact is that there is no computer on the globe which is safe from virus, adware, malware, spyware, Trojan, backdoors and other dubious applications.

Because we offer a wide variety of security solutions, you can make an informed choice.

• You receive 24/7/365 Access to award-winning security solutions.

• You receive 24/7/365 Access to information that empowers you to make the best purchasing decision, e.g. presentations, competitive information

• You receive 24/7/365 Access to special pricing offers – you save!

With years of combined security software experience, our staff ensures you have the products and services needed for a safe and reliable computing experience. The people at Cqrapps have taken the time and effort to provide you with award–winning, security solutions.